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DIY Nautica perfume

My wife loves the scent of Nautica for men, so I’m trying to create a DIY perfume that captures a similar fragrance profile for my shaving cream. I don’t have access to the specific ingredients of Nautica for men, I will experiment with essential oils to create a similar scent. […] Read more »

Mens Shaving – make your own (DIY)

There are several benefits to making your own DIY shaving cream, including: Overall, DIY shaving cream can be a great way to pamper your skin and save money at the same time. Essential Oil Options Here are some examples of essential oils that are commonly used in grooming and shaving […] Read more »

Booty Cream

Sometimes your booty just does not have that fresh feeling (you know what I mean).  When we were younger (babies), you would get a rash, your parents would slap some magical potion on your ass, and next day is heaven again. That magic potion is easily made with OTC supplies: Read more »