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Docker container IP address

To be able to view the container informaion, you must be root. To see the IP addresses of all Docker containers running on your Linux system, you can use the following command: The output of the command will be a list of IP addresses, one per line, corresponding to each […] Read more »

Set Synogoly default interface

It is possible to change the default Ethernet interface on a Synology DSM (DiskStation Manager) system. Here are the steps to change the default Ethernet interface: Note that changing the default Ethernet interface may affect the network settings and connectivity of your Synology NAS, so be sure to review your […] Read more »

Restart Linux from the command line.

You can restart Linux from the command line using the “reboot” command. Here’s how to do it: This will initiate a system restart. Note that this will immediately restart your Linux system without any confirmation prompts, so make sure to save any unsaved work before running the “reboot” command. You […] Read more »

Check what is using a port on linux

Assume we are looking for port 443. Use the “netstat” command on Linux to see which processes are using port 443. Here’s how to do it: This will show a list of all active network connections and the corresponding processes that are using them. Replace “<PID>” with the actual PID […] Read more »

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