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Create a concrete mold

Creating a concrete mold for various projects, such as stepping stones, pavers, or decorative concrete elements, can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Below are instructions for making a simple square concrete mold: Materials and Tools: Instructions: Remember that these instructions provide a basic overview of creating a concrete […] Read more »

Powdered Sugar (Keto)

by Arman Liew published on Aug 05, 2020 33 comments 5 from 203 votes JUMP TO RECIPERATEPIN Keto powdered sugar is a homemade low carb version of traditional powdered sugar! All you need is a food processor and a high speed blender and you are set!  Ever since making my own low carb […] Read more »

Milk (Keto)

Homemade Keto milk is easy and cheap to make and tastes just like natural milk, with only 2 grams of net carbs per one (1) cup serving. Why I Love This This seriously is the best milk for keto. If you are not dairy-free and love milk in your coffee or tea, […] Read more »

Introduction to Direct Current (DC) – Week 3: Lecture

Good morning, everyone! In today’s lecture, we will be delving into the fundamental concepts of voltage, current, resistance, and power in electrical circuits. These concepts are essential building blocks for understanding and analyzing the behavior of electronic systems. So let’s jump right into the talking points for today’s lecture: Definition […] Read more »


Stretching is an essential component of physical fitness and can provide numerous benefits, such as improved flexibility, increased range of motion, enhanced athletic performance, and reduced muscle soreness. There are various types of stretching techniques, including static stretching, dynamic stretching, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching. Static stretching involves holding […] Read more »

Rocking calf

The barbell rocking calf exercise is a variation of calf raises that targets the calf muscles (specifically the gastrocnemius and soleus). It involves using a barbell for added resistance while performing the calf raise movement. Possible Stretches to do prior to exercise: Warmups to do prior to exercise: How to […] Read more »

Incline curl

The barbell incline curl is a strength-training exercise that targets the biceps muscles. It is performed on an incline bench with a barbell, and it helps to develop strength and size in the biceps, particularly the long head of the muscle. The incline position places greater emphasis on the upper […] Read more »

Concentration curl

The barbell concentration curl is a strength-training exercise that primarily targets the biceps muscles. It is a variation of the traditional concentration curl but using a barbell instead of a dumbbell. This exercise helps to develop strength and size in the biceps, which are important for various pulling and lifting […] Read more »