Enhancing Skills

Linux Rotate Log Files

Rotating log files is a common task, and Linux systems often use log rotation tools such as logrotate for this purpose. Here’s a simple example: 1) Create a Configuration File for Logrotate: Create a configuration file, for example, /etc/logrotate.d/myapp Replace /path/to/your/log/file.log with the path to your log file. 2) Run […] Read more »

Raspberry Pi desktop – Set time format

To set the time format on the Raspberry Pi desktop, you can use the raspi-config tool or manually configure the time settings. Here are instructions for both methods: Using raspi-config: 1) Open a terminal on your Raspberry Pi. 2) Run the following command to open the raspi-config tool: 3) Navigate […] Read more »

Create a concrete mold

Creating a concrete mold for various projects, such as stepping stones, pavers, or decorative concrete elements, can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Below are instructions for making a simple square concrete mold: Materials and Tools: Instructions: Remember that these instructions provide a basic overview of creating a concrete […] Read more »

2004 Mercedes SL500 “visit shop” brake light diy fix

If you are getting a “Visit Workshop” warning for the brake light on your Mercedes, it indicates that there is a fault or issue with the brake light system that needs attention. It’s essential to address brake light problems promptly for safety reasons. While some DIY fixes might be possible, […] Read more »

2004 Mercedes SL500 batteries

Mercedes-Benz SL500 Base Convertible 5.0L V8 — Chassis 230.475 Starter Battery: 12V – 80AH – 800CCA – Genuine Mercedes Part Numbers: 001-982-80-08 Associated Part Numbers: 001 982 80 08, 001-982-80-08, 001-982-80-08-MBZ, 001.982.80.08, 0019828008 Auxillary battery: 12V – 35AH 480CCA – Genuine Mercedes Part Numbers: 230-541-00-01 Associated Part Numbers: 230 541 00 01, 230-541-00-01, 230-541-00-01-MBZ, […] Read more »