Enhancing Skills

Welcome to my site.

Toolbox Aid is a website that can help you learn about different things. The website has a lot of information I have learned a lot in my life. On the website, you can learn about career advice, CNC (using lasers, 3D printers, and machines to make things), gaming (using different computer languages like JavaScript, C++, Java, and C# to make games), programming (using different computer languages like Arduino, C, C++, C#, Java, and Python to make things), remote control (controlling things like cars, drones, and airplanes), electronics (learning about Arduino and how to make projects), and exercise (different exercises like using your own body weight or dumbbells).

Some of the projects, electronics, and 3D models built on this blog are posted to YouTube are also available for download. Be sure to check it out and share.

Caution and common sense should be used…as these are my experiences, and my unique situations.  They may work for you or they may not.  You may have different results.  Please read our disclaimer.