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Introduction to Direct Current (DC) – Week 2: Self-test

Here are some self-test questions for Lecture 2: Safety Precautions and Protocols, focusing on the importance of electrical safety in working with DC circuits, safe handling of components and equipment, and protocols for avoiding electrical hazards (click the question to show the answer):

Multiple choice:

Answer: c) Both a) and b).

Answer: c) Both a) and b).

Answer: d) All of the above.

True or False:

Answer: False

Answer: False

Answer: False

Safe Handling and Protocols::

Answer: Examples may include:
Using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and safety goggles.
Ensuring components and equipment are de-energized and discharged before handling or making changes.

Answer: Examples may include: Properly isolating and disconnecting the circuit from the power source before making any changes or repairs. Verifying that the circuit is de-energized using appropriate test equipment. Adhering to safe wiring practices, such as secure connections, proper insulation, and strain relief.


Note: These self-test questions and answers are designed to assess your understanding of the lecture material. Make sure to review and expand your knowledge on the topics covered to strengthen your understanding of Direct Current (DC), its comparison with Alternating Current (AC), and its importance and applications in electronics.

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