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Introduction to Direct Current (DC) – Week 1: Self-test

Here are some self-test questions and answers for Lecture 1, focusing on the definition of Direct Current, comparison with Alternating Current, and the importance and applications of DC in electronics (click the question to show the answer):

Multiple choice:

Answer: b) Electric current that flows in one direction continuously.

Answer: a) Batteries

Answer: a) DC flows in one direction, while AC periodically changes direction.

True or False:

Answer: True

Answer: True

Answer: True

Answer: False


Answer: DC is crucial for providing a stable and continuous flow of current to power electronic circuits. Most electronic devices require DC to operate efficiently.

Answer: LED lighting is one example where DC is used. LEDs operate on low-voltage DC power and are widely used in lighting applications due to their energy efficiency.

Answer: Electric vehicles rely on DC power from batteries to drive their motors and power various electronic systems.


Note: These self-test questions and answers are designed to assess your understanding of the lecture material. Make sure to review and expand your knowledge on the topics covered to strengthen your understanding of Direct Current (DC), its comparison with Alternating Current (AC), and its importance and applications in electronics.

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