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This post is dedicated to my career and how I advanced based on understanding what is important to myself and my boss(es).  How to be a leader, enabling my career advancement.  Here is some of the best career advice received and/or given during that time:

Create a workstream to accomplish this, some type of Proof of Concept to show the value.

If you don’t respect the person you work for, you won’t work for them.

This changes over time, the more experience you have, the long the tenure should be. This does not mean you should leave a good company, move around in it.

I’m quite nervous every time, but it was something I wanted to learn, and it excited me.

This is a good way to start a conversation with your boss or even your bosses boss.

This provided the individual/team with owning the creativity which is what they want anyway.

Take every interview seriously, you never know what is out there, and it could surprised you to take a new path. Regardless, this give you practice, and that make it perfect.

You could be jumping from the pan into the fire.

It can be quite hard to find new employment, you still have bills to pay.

Your manager is a smart person, they are in there position because of that.

I’ll let you figure this one out.

Any meeting you are invited to, whether your boss (or bosses boss) or team meeting, your invited to heard. They invited you to share information.

It took me a while to figure this one out. My first new car, it took 5 yrs to paid off. 2nd car took 6 yrs, and 3rd took 7 yrs. I always had a payment and always more expensive. Then I bought a used car, paid it off in 2.5 yrs and lower insurance.

You can’t do every

Let me know your thoughts or any advice you have received…



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Caution and common sense should be used…as these are my experiences, and my unique situations.  They may work for you or they may not.  You may have different results.  Please read our disclaimer.

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