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Synology upgrade Plex Media Server manually

Launch Package Center and open Plex Media Server Stop the Plex Media Server Upload the latest (not Bata) version and follow the instructions. Once installed, launch the Control Panel Open Shared Folder Edit the shared folder containing your Media Click Permissions tab Change to System internal user and give PlexMedaServer […] Read more »

How to backup Plex Server

To backup my Synology NAS, copy \volume1\PlexMediaServer\AppData to a new location Now that I know what to backup, I can use any tool to automate this. Read more »

Alexa Plex music commands

Server Settings Ask Plex to change/switch my default serverAsk Plex to change/switch my default server to [SERVER NAME]Ask Plex to change/switch my serverAsk Plex to change/switch my server to [SERVER NAME] Player Settings Ask Plex to change/switch my default playerAsk Plex to change/switch my default player to [DEVICE NAME]Ask Plex […] Read more »

Linux Rotate Log Files

Rotating log files is a common task, and Linux systems often use log rotation tools such as logrotate for this purpose. Here’s a simple example: 1) Create a Configuration File for Logrotate: Create a configuration file, for example, /etc/logrotate.d/myapp Replace /path/to/your/log/file.log with the path to your log file. 2) Run […] Read more »

Raspberry Pi desktop – Set time format

To set the time format on the Raspberry Pi desktop, you can use the raspi-config tool or manually configure the time settings. Here are instructions for both methods: Using raspi-config: 1) Open a terminal on your Raspberry Pi. 2) Run the following command to open the raspi-config tool: 3) Navigate […] Read more »

Create a concrete mold

Creating a concrete mold for various projects, such as stepping stones, pavers, or decorative concrete elements, can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Below are instructions for making a simple square concrete mold: Materials and Tools: Instructions: Remember that these instructions provide a basic overview of creating a concrete […] Read more »

2004 Mercedes SL500 “visit shop” brake light diy fix

If you are getting a “Visit Workshop” warning for the brake light on your Mercedes, it indicates that there is a fault or issue with the brake light system that needs attention. It’s essential to address brake light problems promptly for safety reasons. While some DIY fixes might be possible, […] Read more »